Are you the next

Build Wealth

How rude, how selfish of us.

We asked you an important question before answering your questions. Shame on us. Let’s answer yours first. Truth be told, answering yours will help you answer ours.

1. What is Build Wealth Pro?

It’s a DIAY approach to personal finance fitness and wealth building.

What is DIAY? Do-it-almostYourself.

How is it DIAY? Well, it’s not another program where you give them your cash to invest, then after you see what their slice of your money equals in dollars, you wonder if you did well enough or better than you could on your own. No, it’s not that kind of program – there are enough of those out there already. Instead, it’s a process that teaches you how to harvest and build your own wealth, and to keep all of your gains. You are doing it, but guided by us every step of the way, as your virtual tutor. Doing It Almost Yourself.

2. Who is BWP ideal for?

Wealthy Selfie

See if BWP is right for you

If you earn a decent income…with little to show for it, then BWP can help you.

You don’t have to be rich. Or come from money. Or know much about Finance.

In fact, it’s specifically designed for those who don’t!

3. How is Build Wealth Pro different?

It takes proven Corporate Finance methods used on Wall Street, then distills them down to maneuvers you can use at home. Bringing Wall Street to Main Street.

You don’t need to pay a broker or advisor. Or day-trade stocks. Or attend a class. You pick which Fin Bits (handy bits of finance) to grow your wealth, at your pace.

Its focus is not only on investing tips. As part of its holistic approach, it actually shows you when NOT to invest.

Visit our Benefits center…to discover more aspects of the unique value of BWP.

4. How do I get started?

It's real simple! To Get Wealth Now, visit our Profit center and start harvesting your profit to amplify your income into wealth.

Or, you can check out other products in our Service center.

Or, you can warm-up, relax and learn more in our Café.

5. What if I have other questions?

They may already be answered; check out our FAQs to see.

If not, then Contact Us!

So valuable after grad school to help me manage my student loan debt strategically and grow my money as a new adjunct professor. The beauty of BWP is that it is useful at any stage of professional and personal development. Very user-friendly, like talking to a good friend—easy, humorous, reassuring. Made me feel like even a non-finance person such as myself could master finance!
Quite engaging and kept me wanting to find out more.
Life Transformation Coach
A good job of talking to the reader through the text, as an actual person, presenting the material in a user friendly step by step approach.
Valuable info, like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' but more actionable.
This is the tool I have been looking for to help me take ownership of my finances in the same way that I have taken ownership of most other areas of my life. I just needed a guide.
Associate Director,
University Counseling Center
I really appreciate how BWP presents complex concepts in an understandable, usable, step-by-step format. I can learn and do just a little at a time, perfect for my busy life. I also appreciate that this information is conveyed by a real person who started with a five-figure income, so his instructions and steps are based on real-life experience and could apply to my family too. I feel inspired and hopeful that with the help of BWP, my family can start to transform our financial life from unfocused to healthy and growing.