Frequently Asked Questions

What is BWP?

BWP is an acronym that stands for Build Wealth Pro. Build Wealth Pro is both a program and an organization designed to help the moderate income earner build significant wealth. Build Wealth Pro is also a person; i.e., someone following the program and getting financially fit … is a climbing, rising BWP.  Are you the next BWP?

How is this different?

BWP was created to fill a void. The void being a lack of professionally structured help with personal finance for those who are not rich, do not come from money, and know little about finance … but without profiting from their investments.  Click to learn more points of difference in the BWP approach.

Who is BWP for?

BWP helps moderate-income earners who make a good living but feel tight, strapped, or limited financially. If you feel that you don’t have much to show for your hard-earned dollars and are not inheriting a trust fund soon, then you would benefit significantly from  BWP’s tactics.  Click to learn more about the types of people and situations that BWP helps the most.

What will I learn?

How to identify your profit, how to grow it, how to use it. Good versus bad debt, when to reduce debt, when to add debt. How and when to invest in education versus retirement versus joy. How to choose, buy, own and sell different stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other wealth-boosting assets. How to use both top-line and bottom-line methods to extract more profit. How to use corporate finance tools like CAGR, WACC, IRR, and Margin.

Who created BWP?

Lance Watkins is the founder who built 7-figure wealth from an ‘average joe’ five-figure income. As he shared his systematic, proven approach with others, his wife coined it … “LanceFinance” but the inspiration for naming the program BWP really came from his son. While playing catch, his son and a friend would boast “This is how you throw like a PRO!” over & over. That’s when it hit. This method enables almost anyone to Build Wealth like a Pro. Afterall, much of its power stems from Lance’s professional work in corporate finance on Wall Street. Build Wealth PRO brings Wall Street to Main Street … so that others with an ‘average jane’ income, even without any finance knowledge or experience, can Build Wealth like a Pro.

Is BWP right for me?

While it helps a great many different types of folks and families, the best way to find out is to take our Wealthy Selfie: a brief self-assessment to see if the Build Wealth Pro method is a strong fit for you.

What do I gain?

An adrenaline rush when your 5-figure income starts to build and yield your 6-figure and 7-figure wealth!  Serenity in knowing that you are not only in command of your personal finances, but you are now actually “Fin-Fit” (financially fit)!

How can I get started?

To get wealth now, we offer a variety of units, sections, modules and bundles. But the most popular launch-pad is from our mid-tier, the full guide for the PROFIT module.

What if I dislike finance or know little about it?

That’s actually perfect! BWP is ideal for you. When creating Build Wealth Pro, Lance remembered how boring and dry his CorpFin textbooks were in grad school, so he designed BWP to be … wet. Not literally, of course. But figuratively dripping with analogies, humor, anecdotes, and metaphors to distill down the complex but powerful theory to simpler, memorable, useful bits of finance.

How can I build wealth with all my debt?

Part of the unique, holistic nature of BWP is how it equips you with multiple tools to tier your bad debts and work them down in a manner that fits with your lifestyle. BWP provides you with frameworks to balance this with investment and other wealth-building activity.

You want me to add debt?

BWP unveils to you a corporate finance maneuver (known by few outside of Wall Street) that leverages good debt at strategic opportunities … to accelerate returns, performance and wealth.

How is BWP holistic?

BWP provides a balanced, comprehensive approach that incorporates all aspects of your household finance picture. It shows you how combining its maneuvers on expenses with its investing moves can really amplify your wealth-building.

What is IRR & why do I care?

IRR is an acronym that stands for Internal Rate of Return. Understood by few outside of Corporate Finance, we break down this critical metric for you, and show you how to utilize it as your common-denominator to assess all things financial, enabling your activities and wealth accumulation to outperform others’.

How can I build wealth when my income is average?

That is the reason BWP exists! BWP was created to to fill a void. The void being a lack of professionally structured help with personal finance for those whose income is average, who do not come from money, and who know little about finance … but without profiting from their investments.

Why are you telling me to NOT invest?

Part of the holistic value of BWP is that you can gain as much wealth from simply heeding our suggestions to not do something. We provide numerous situations, instances, and scenarios where you can gain more by not investing. A breed apart, BWP does not benefit by you investing more. Our focus is simply on your optimal wealth accumulation.

How is BWP dynamic?

By design, BWP offers active, often interactive, hands-on learning.  While it is abundant in strategy and explanation, its special value lies within this learn-by-doing approach … with interactive quizzes, detailed action-items, plus templates you can use and customize.

What is DIAY?

DIAY is an acronym that stands for Do It ALMOST Yourself – which captures the essence of BWP. We teach you the finance you’ll need, then guide you through specific actions and steps – so that you have command and control of your finances … to build your wealth without diluting it continuously by letting a financial advisor take a percentage, perpetually.

How can I build wealth when I have no spare cash?

You actually might.  The BWP-approach is specifically ideal for those with tight financials.  It shows you the way to identify, extract and harvest those dollars that you may not realize you have … to amplify that residual income into moderate then significant short-term and long-term wealth.  Your only pre-requisite is a five-figure annual income that is considered middle-class or median-level.

Won't it hurt if I whack my WACC?

Sure! But it does not hurt you! In fact, it helps you! It only hurts your lenders and creditors. We teach you the importance of Weighted Average Cost of Capital, a corporate finance metric revered on Wall Street. We show you how a lower WACC can ignite your wealth-building … then teach you how to whack yours down to get there. Ready to whack?

What is Gumroad?

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How much does BWP cost?

While full guides and bundles cost a little more, you can get started with our smaller FinBits (bits of finance) for just $6. What is unique about BWP pricing is that it is not percent-commission based. Unlike most personal finance help providers, we do not take a percentage of your dollars invested. Thus, we do not make more if you invest more.

Does BWP offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

Yes, both! All products and services purchased include a full refund policy. We got you covered.

What if my question is not covered?

If you have a different question than these covered here, just let us know and we’ll get back to you shortly.