Amplify Income Into Wealth

Love music?

We do too! Especially how your favorite song or artist can sound different (in a good way) when you listen through your phone, or via CD, or streamed through Pandora, or even from a nice vinyl pressing on your turntable! These all amplify the music you love, differently.

Similarly, BWP has created a mix of devices (called “modules” … or just ‘mods’) that enable you to Amplify Income into Wealth … in a way that suits you best.

Photo of a Record Player

(aka, the Mods)

Different devices or modules to Amplify your Wealth-Building Process…


Amplify Income to Wealth, via Revenue!

Sell High!  Grow your salary. Supplement it.  For a BWP-flight, own-to-rent generally beats rent-to-own.  Sell your expertise/hobbies/passions/stuff. 

Upgrade even average income into a strong, growing Top Line … to generate high-octane fuel that builds wealth for joy.  How and when to sell real estate, stocks, bonds.

How to compare tax-deductible instruments (investments or loans) to non-deductibles.  How to understand and utilize ROI, IRR and GM% in your climb.

How to sell T-notes short in the secondary market for an ultimate annual return that exceeds these bonds’ Yield-to-Maturity (i.e., IRR > YTM!).


Use Profit to Amplify Income into Wealth!

Learn savvy Wall Street techniques to identify your own Cash-Flow Profit. Apply methods shown to extract even more profit … from your Top or Bottom line … further enabling you to exploit your profit … to fuel your amplification of wealth.  How to understand and utilize ROI, IRR and GM% in your climb.  How to assess your global portfolio mix and adjust as needed. Master the BWP’s code of “10, 4, 7 = 2, 4, 1” and why it’s key to unlocking opportunities to double investments in half your commute time. Discover all 11 layers of diversification that a BWP can lever to accelerate gain.


Count … to Amplify Income into Wealth!

Counting your beans actually helps you stock your kitchen more bountifully! 

How to calculate your net worth. 

Learn key components of Financial Statements that Investment Bankers utilize to enhance corporate profits, which you can use to boost profits at “Your Household, Inc.”

Determine and evaluate your actual profits and wealth from assets that you sell.

How to understand and utilize ROI, IRR and GM% in your climb.


Cut Costs to Amplify Income into Wealth!

Buy Low!  How to buy almost anything for less than par.  Negotiation as a virtue.  Insurance Buster tools. 

How paying down your debts can amplify your wealth, exponentially (the “FICO-Force”). 

When to find GOOD quality {versus BEST} on purchases, to amplify long-term wealth. 

How exactly to compare tax-deductible loans to non-deductibles for even more WACC-whacking of debt savvy.

Why it’s generally better to own-to-rent versus rent-to-own.  How to build a loan amortization schedule (to forecast debt payoffs and profits from avoided interest costs).


Invest … to Amplify Income to Wealth!

How to sell bonds short in the secondary market for IRR > YTM.  How to combine all key performance factors together when choosing Mutual Funds.  How to compare tax-deductible instruments (investments or loans) to taxables.  Why BWP’s skip several Morningstar factors when selecting mutual funds.  Alternative assets beyond stocks and bonds.  How to find 3- and 4-star funds that may perform better than 5-stars for you.  Real estate versus the stock market.  ETFs vs. Mutual Funds. Calculating and evaluating your actual profits and wealth. How to squeeze even more revenue and profit from sells by using mid-day indicators. 


Amplify Income to Wealth – through Rates!

Covers all key metrics that, when monitored, accelerate a climbing BWP’s rise to wealth … including IRR, YLD, YTM, CAGR, YOY, inflation, GNP and GDP growth. 

How to compare tax-deductible instruments (investments or loans) to non-deductibles.

Provides “shortcuts” to calculate many of these quickly in your head, to save time.

Trains then equips you with the know-how and tools to calculate and evaluate your actual rate of return and wealth-achieved from assets sold.

How to exploit rate changes to sell bonds short in the secondary market for IRR > YTM. 


A variety of service offerings, in addition to our products, for even more ways to amplify your income into wealth.


Individual consultation and coaching session with the program founder…to address your personal finance goals and tackle any challenges. Includes initial 30 minute consult. Additional tutoring and custom services are also available.


These bundles pair a full product module with an individual Concierge consultation session. Learn the maneuvers from the guide – then let us help you apply them, to accelerate your climb.


Like what you see … but want something else? Just let us know. BWP also offers custom help. We offer tailored advisory services … or packages where we can do some of the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you.