Why Build Wealth Pro?

How is BWP special, different, better?

By the Middle, For the Middle

Our founder came from modest means then designed a wealth-building process for those who value every dollar they earn. It’s meant for anyone who does not come from money, but earns a respectable living, who wants more from their hard-earned dollar.

From Wall Street to Main

Finally a system that uses the sophisticated science of Corporate Finance, pared down to actionable elements you can use at home.

Main Street versus Wall Street (small)


BWP provides a balanced, comprehensive approach that incorporates all aspects of your household finance picture. It shows you how combining its maneuvers on expenses with its investing moves can really amplify your wealth-building.


BWP’s tools are all available on a reasonable flat-fee basis. We’re not paid more if you invest more. In fact, we tell you when not to invest! Quite different from the percent-commission based alternatives.


By design, BWP offers active, often interactive, hands-on learning.  While it is abundant in strategy and explanation, its special value lies within this learn-by-doing approach…with interactive quizzes, detailed action-items, plus templates you can use and customize.


Utilizes solid, proven, time-tested, relatively safer instruments & opportunities; does not rely on trendy, flavor-of-the-month, sexy fads in finance that come and go.


With BWP, you can skip steps and still gain ground. Many steps are presented as optional and you can decide which are best for you.  You pick which bits of finance to use.
Fin-Bits, at intervals that work for you, from home.  At your own pace, at your convenience.


You may have heard of diversification, like stocks from bonds. BWP takes that two-dimensional diversification to a whole new level. It features an unheard of, insanely-beneficial option for up to ELEVEN layers of diversification…to always have a line to tap for fun or emergencies.



Broad strategy and theory blended with detailed procedures, tools, formulas, tasks, and downloadable frameworks. Showing you WHAT to do, telling you WHY. Learn-then-Do.


Potholes in your road to wealth are flagged … as the founder highlights mistakes he made along the way, that you get to avoid.

Image of the Earth's stratosphere


Features a revolutionary framework for how to pay for anything, especially the unexpected, in a systematic way that constantly maximizes your wealth. And when this tool reveals a hybrid opportunity, wealth enters the stratosphere.


Enjoy the 4 savory layers of the Bene-Rito (to capitalize on government laws and incentives that can boost your wealth-generating without much effort). Ready to Order?

Image of a burrito

Whack your WACC!

We show you how a lower Weighted Average Cost of Capital can ignite your wealth-building…then teach you how to whack yours down to get there.  Ready to whack?


Sure, it’s exciting when your favorite team actually scores in the World Cup. But what’s really awesome is when you master BWP’s Points Below Goal metric and its simple goal-setting process … giving you the ability to super-size your wealth accumulation. 

Image of a soccer goal

You Will Learn...


How to identify your profit, how to grow it, how to use it.


Good versus bad debt, when to reduce debt, when to add debt.


How and when to invest in education versus retirement versus joy.


How to choose, buy, own and sell different stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other wealth-boosting assets.


How to use both top-line and bottom-line methods to extract more profit.


How to use corporate finance tools like CAGR, WACC, IRR, and Margin.


To love that adrenaline rush when your 5-figure income starts to build and yield your 6-figure and 7-figure wealth!

Illustration of a revolving door

No Traps!

BWP’s avoid walking through these (hint: BWPs understand how bad debt is an economic/financial cancer and steer clear of these “revolvers” at all costs).


Prepares and enables you to reach the lucrative milestone where your money invested is earning over double what your money borrowed is costing you … which accelerates wealth-generation even more.

Illustration of doubling money

Buy Low, Sell High

Apply the Wall Street maneuver of “running comps” to Buy Low or Sell High, virtually anything, to constantly augment your profits that lead to wealth.

Skip the Fat!

Since BWP covers an entire financial fitness routine, it can feel overwhelming to newbies. Part of BWP’s value in being holistic and comprehensive is its tips on what not to do and what not to learn. It flags the information and tasks that are better left alone or skipped. This bonus material on streamlining allows many to enjoy the full power of BWP: to double your salary in half your commute!


A simple lemonade stand example will show you the power of leverage and its ability to amplify your profits!


Learn when to play Offense & when to play Defense. The modules detail scenarios that benefit you to proactively sell [i.e., on Offense] and provides a framework to guide you properly when you may need to sell on Defense [e.g., for the unexpected]. Using both playbooks drives market-busting returns.

Offense versus defense in American Football

The Code

Learn how the BWP’s code {“10, 4, 7 = 2, 4, 1”} is the key to unlock all padlocks to wealth. Using this strategy enables BWPs to double their investment.

Make a Statement

Learn just enough corporate financial statements (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit/Loss – aka, “P&L”) to not only escalate your wealth-aggregation at home … but also impress CPAs at cocktail parties.


Master our simple microeconomic formulas to enhance your personal Gross Margin, just like Wall Street’s most revered companies do.

Tutor and Coach

Our guides teach you not only what to do and why – but also provide coaching to get past any obstacles, hesitation or doubts that come your way.

Early Bird

At times you can sell a security earlier to capture a return that exceeds its published rate. Piling on profit and wealth for you. We show you exactly how and why.

It's Wet

Okay, that sounds weird. What we really mean is that…it’s not Dry! While it covers serious finance strategy and terminology, it’s balanced with enough analogies, metaphors, anecdotes, and humor that even finance newbies get it.

Less is More

Once you are climbing the path of BWP, you will likely embrace its ‘Less is More’ mantra. Not only does BWP tell you when & why not to invest (unheard of elsewhere), we also give you the 3 reasons when & why not to sell your investments. What we teach you not to do can fuel your wealth as much as our to-do’s for you.

Use the BWP gem of “Buy your Gaps, don’t Sell them!” to double your returns over others who own the same securities. This is not your parents’ style of asset-allocation!