Blog! for SEO, CRM\engagement [i.e., content to email subscribers].  Cycle thru O/S & I/S [Old, New]; i.e., post an excerpt from Profit.PDF … then an article I like from Yah\Fin … then draft a section for 6th, Count.mod … repeat.  Add in wins like my 300% profit arbitrage on BARAX4BOA in June 2018!?!  Love idea from NeilPatel\Shopify\Biz of posting your answer to every CSR’s Q!  Start that by posting my SKU1’s Brk.Rm. as a page/story!  For my series of I/S blogs [i.e., that I write], the Old’s can be cool phrases from Profit.PDF … and/or F&B pts. on the site, esp. the viz ones; e.g., a blog post on BadApples.  For my mix of O/S content, sprinkle in stuff I find of interest/relevance like Van’s story on new Roth/IRA rules [H/M, 10/16/18]. SiteWiz\ChrisHeng’s sites are blogs so every article/post he writes has its own URL/page!  Are blog pgs. really more effective when super-long [like NeilPatel preaches]?  Do reviews as URL’s b/c:  (a) for affiliate\in rev’s! (b) for SEO! (c) b/c I’m addicted to comps/eval’s!  Another good idea is per NP to use InfoGraphix >>> start with this one from a flyer >>> “only 22% of working Amer’s are confident that they have enuff $ for retire [Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey]” >>> and maybe find infograph\hubs.  Daily & wkly feel too much for me.  Mthly feels like me.  Heck, NP admits his 5345 posts is too much!  Less is more!  He wished he marketed less posts, more.  Yep, after each post, publish to TLD then market via PR-hubs, EML blasts, social\shares, submit to aggregators, affiliates, blog reel page, SearchEngines\spiders, etc.

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