The #1 Fuel for Wealth (that you also Love to Eat!)

Slice of pie, because Pi symbolizes Profit, which is the #1 fuel for wealth

Do you know this symbol?

Or, is it Greek to you? Actually, pun intended, it is the Greek symbol for their letter P. In their alphabet, it is called Pi (pronounced “pie”!). This ancient Greek symbol for Pi has so many meanings and uses today – but we love it because it represents PROFIT in microeconomics.

Profit Fuels Wealth

In our featured PROFIT module, you will learn everything you need to command your personal finances…so that you can gain financial health, get Fin-Fit, grow wealth, and enjoy prosperity.

All full module options cover each of these steps in detail:

  1. Build a Cash-Flow PROFIT (“CFP”) worksheet to identify your Monthly Free Cash Flow (“MFCF”).
    • Also explains the relationship between WEALTH and PROFIT.
  2. Maintain your wealth-building fuel by scheduling annual “physicals” with yourself [of your financial health], to ‘check-up’ on your level of MFCF.
  3. Relocate but preserve your wants and needs {that cost over $100} into a Capital Expenditure “Wish List” to avoid new Bad Debt and to obtain these big-ticket items through pure Profit.
  4. Set a monthly reminder on your best day, to start harvesting your seeds (MFCF) into crops (wealth-building activities).
  5. What is Bad Debt, why it knocks you off the BWP flight upward, how to identify and extinguish it.
    • Also covers Gross National Product (“GNP”), par, Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”), Weighted Average Cost of Capital (“WACC”), Gross Margin (“GM”), and Inflation.
  6. Sprouting the first branch of your Money-Tree, the CASH branch.
    • How to find and start your Money-Market account.
    • Introduces the two-dimensions of the Macro-Mix, by asset type and by purpose.
    • Explains the pulse of a BWP, Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”), and how to monitor its power in an “Eggs” tracking worksheet.
  7. Rank types of Stock investments, from a menu of proven equity-winners.
    • Defines, compares and contrasts Stocks versus Bonds.
    • Explains a possible mix of investments by intent – i.e., the 2nd dimension of a BWP’s Macro-Mix, beyond the mix by investment type.
  8. Selecting Equities for a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan [“DCRP”].
    • Why BWP’s “stock-up” first.
  9. Setting the optimal level of investment build for Step 8’s selection.
    • The four layers of a DCRP’s Benefit Burrito.
    • Growing your Tree through BREADTH then DEPTH.
  10. Building a ‘Packaged EDU’ branch with Stocks.
  11. Picking Equities on your own, for your FUN branch!
    • Utilizing Morningstar, mutual funds, avoiding loads.
    • How the BWP’s code of “10,4,7 = 2,4,1” unlocks the power of IRR for Wealth!
  12. Building an IRA {unsponsored} through Stocks.
  13. Growing your EDU branch, outside the box (beyond packaged plans), with Equities.
  14. Rank your favorite bonds from the ‘Bond-a-thon’ menu.  Securities not spies!
  15. Utilizing bonds within a DCRP.
    • Navigating [your landing into retirement] with the Mix Matrix.
  16. Sourcing bonds for a ‘Packaged-EDU’
    • Steering your approach through the ‘EduBondBlend’ tool.
  17. Owning corporate bonds for any branch of your Tree.
    • The BWP’s guide for when to hold corporate versus government securities
    • When to get funds versus strips.
  18. Buying your own strips of our Treasury’s bonds.
    • Also explains the power behind your potential 11-layers of Diversification as a BWP.
  19. A BWP’s wealth-building DEPTH:  finding then minding your Gaps, BWP-style [buy them, don’t sell them!]!
  20. When, Why and How to SELL – plays on Offense.
  21. When, Why and How to SELL – plays on Defense.  Then covers other savvy BWP moves, including:
    • Uncovering an Offensive score while playing Defense {the Hybrid play}.
    • When NOT to Sell.
    • When taking on new debt can amplify long-term wealth.
    • Framework to determine your best Source of Funds when you need a major Use of Funds … for maximum Rate Profit!
    • When NOT to add Good Debt.
    • Investing beyond core stocks/bonds/funds – i.e., the Next Level.
    • Additional ideas to squeeze more short-term Profit from your Top or Bottom line, to amplify income into even more long-term wealth.
    • How to apply wealth-erupting Economic and Accounting frameworks to any Buy Low or Sell High scenario.
    • Overcoming your own Objections or Obstacles.

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  1. Daniel

    How long (if I’m not very educated) will it take me to start seeing results?

    1. Lance

      Good question, Daniel. About a month. Many of the early steps can yield measurable, positive results in a month after implementation.

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About Lance

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